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Leading Designer Brands
We all love designer brands. There`s just something about the quality and styling of a piece made by a top designer, whether it`s a pair of shoes and handbag or a gorgeous accessory.
Ralph Lauren, Versace, Chanel, Louboutin, whoever your favourite designer is there is usually an aspirational quality in owning one of their pieces. It`s not just about the price tag, either. There is an inimitable sensation that comes from wearing a designer piece which is impossible to match with any old garment from the high street. From the high standard of craftsmanship to the smallest detailing, the quality of a designer piece will stand the test of time for many years to come.
Buying a designer piece such as a Louis Vuitton handbag or a pair of shoes by Gucci is really an investment. These kinds of pieces are not disposable fashion like much of what you find on the high street today. Instead they have an aura of quality which last well into the future.
There is no such thing as old designer clothing. It becomes vintage instead and the discovery of such a classic piece is usually accompanied by squeals of delight as this type of treasure is uncovered.
While vintage pieces can be few and far between, the rise in leading designer brands over the last couple of decades has created plenty of new pieces for the discerning consumer to choose from. And consumers do, with at least 10% of the US buying top name brands such as Ralph Lauren, Dior, Armani and Gucci, according to a Nielsen study.
It`s not just the Americans who love their designer brands either. As many as 34% of people living in the Philippines have bought Ralph Lauren at some point in their lives.
So what is it about designer brands that make us go head over heels? They are undoubtedly more expensive than what you will find on the high street, but that doesn`t stop us from owning or aspiring to own at least a few pieces by our favourite designers. Building a successful designer brand can take many years or even decades, however for those who have created the top brands of the current market it is certainly worth the effort.
For the majority of us it is unlikely that we will end up clothed top to toe in our favourite designers. It`s much more realistic that we will combine maybe one or two designer pieces with a more everyday wardrobe of Animal surf clothing or something else that`s a bit more casual.
However much we can afford to buy, we will always love designers and designer inspired pieces. There is just something about them. is a British Brand wanting to help Ladies with quality Designer gear for any Occasion. Find up to the minute quality designer bags online and designer shoes online.

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